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Tony Tobin

> 5 years smoke free

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> 5 years!
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Tony feels much healthier

Why did you decide to quit?

I decided to quit because I have health problems,I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis & Degenerative Disease in my spine,I was always feeling unwell,my doctors advised me to stop smoking and give up alcohol if I wanted the drugs to work for my Ilneses.One day I went to get a replacement battery for my camera,I climbed just one flight of stairs and was completely out of breath,I realised I wont live long if I don't Quit.A few years later I found out I had a touch of emphysema I must take a few puffs of an inhaler every morning,the doctor told me bluntly, if you hadn't stopped when you did,we wouldn't be having this conversation now.

What is the one thing that is really helping you to stay smoke-free?

The thing that really helped was,I went to the HSE Quit smoking course in the Cork university hospital,the Quit smoking officer was my inspiration as well as my wife she quit as well as me on the same course.I had tried on numerous occasions, but had never managed to quit.

How do you distract yourself from the cravings?

I beat the cravings by ,by drinking water,going for a walk I used patches,and I could ring my Quit smoking officer & she would ring me,I'm for ever grateful to her,and by saving money I had wasted all those years smoking,after my first year I had saved enough money to visit my son in Vancouver Canada.

What is the best thing about being smoke-free?

The best thing about being a non-smoker is,I feel much healthier,I used to have this burning feeling in my chest every morning as if I was on fire inside,It's gone now,I also seemed to have a continuous cough,which I don't have now,but the most important thing is ,I now have Grandchildren, with whom I love spending time with,I know I'll have a much longer time to watch them grow than if I hadn't Quit when I did.

What tips or advice would you give to anyone else trying to quit?

My advice for other smokers is go to your nearest hospital,join the Quit smoking programs,it's free and you will meet other people who are in the same boat as yourself,you won't look back.