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Andrew Phillips

3 months smoke free

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3 months!
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You will never regret quitting!

Why did you decide to quit?

I decided to quit because I felt it was time. I noticed my children mimicking me smoking and saying things like "Dad is going for a cigarette". I was finding it harder to keep up with my kids and to play uninterrupted due to my cravings. I had tried before but it was before I had kids and maybe my heart was not in it. I picked a date and I looked up,I received a phone call prior to starting my plan and they went through my plan in detail and what to do when I suffered from cravings. I chose to use the patches to help with the withdrawal symptoms. The first few weeks were difficult but I had a lot of support from my family and friends and a lot of support from the quit team who were available on the phone when I needed them, I have seen the benefits of not smoking and find my life is easier in a lot of ways,I volunteer with helping training kids for soccer and find I have a lot more energy for my own kids,I have also started running again,small distances now but hoping to build on it at time. I know I still have a lot of work to do and know I have to avoid complacency. But I know I have a lot of support from my family and friends and am aware the quit team are available to me whenever I need them. I would never advise others what to do but what I will say is that if you do decide to quit you will never regret it.

What is the one thing that is really helping you to stay smoke-free?

The thing that is really helping is

How do you distract yourself from the cravings?

I beat the cravings by going for walks,cleaning the house(the house is spotless!)

What is the best thing about being smoke-free?

The best thing about being smoke-free is having energy to play with the kids

What tips or advice would you give to anyone else trying to quit?

My advice for other smokers is keep trying it is worth it when it does work for you