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Linda Brennan

3 months smoke free

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3 months!
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Keep a bottle of water with you

Why did you decide to quit?

I decided to quit because I was not fit or healthy I had been diagnosed with c.o.p.d also I had a stroke 20 years ago I tried several times with patches and champix but couldn't do it, this time I focused, started running at the end of last year and loved it,this is what I needed because to run I had to give up the cigarettes I could not do both, so on Feb 28th I gave up smoking and signed up to run the Dublin marathon in October this year exactly 1year after my idea, so here I am still focused 93 days later I signed up to the QuitNow! Which has been great receiving messages of encouragement also my bottle of water 💦 has been and still is the most important part of my day.

What is the one thing that is really helping you to stay smoke-free?

The thing that is really helping is my bottle of water and my running

How do you distract yourself from the cravings?

I beat the cravings by drinking water

What is the best thing about being smoke-free?

The best thing about being smoke-free is having extra cash for other things

What tips or advice would you give to anyone else trying to quit?

My advice for other smoker is sign up to QuitNow! And keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go