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3 weeks smoke free

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3 weeks!
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I smoked since I was 15. The only time I

Why did you decide to quit?

I smoked since I was 15. The only time I didn't smoke was when I was pregnant but would always go back on them in the months after having my children. I was hospitalised with pneumonia when something was found on my lungs which isn't very serious but could be if i stay smoking, that for me was a big wake up call , one that i needed to finally just stop.Already smoking has damaged my lungs something you dont think could happen yet. I want to be here for my children for as long as possible and i wish i never started smoking. I set a quit day and threw everything out of the house related to cigarettes and began using nicorette gum which helps alot with the cravings which decrease over days. You also need to have your mind ready to quit too and when it gets hard remind yourself why you don't want to smoke anymore. I will never touch a cigarette again and I finally feel free and positive about the future!

What is the one thing that is really helping you to stay smoke-free?

The thing that is really helping is that I don't want to die of a cigarette related disease. I want to feel healthier and better in myself.

How do you distract yourself from the cravings?

I beat the cravings by keeping busy! going for long walks , ive started doing excercises again and spending more time playing with the kids

What is the best thing about being smoke-free?

The best thing about being smoke-free is feeling more positive, i can breathe better! And saving money too!

What tips or advice would you give to anyone else trying to quit?

My advice for other smokers is