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Lynne Fitzgerald

2 months smoke free

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2 months!
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copd diagnosis meant i had to, not just

Why did you decide to quit?

copd diagnosis meant i had to, not just feeling i should quit. . important to keep the lung damage at level it is

What is the one thing that is really helping you to stay smoke-free?

The thing that is really helping is the support from the quit counsellor, and my determination

How do you distract yourself from the cravings?

I beat the cravings by knowing i cannot afford even one puff, despite still having plenty of cravings after 10 smokefree weeks, but i smoked for 47 years

What is the best thing about being smoke-free?

The best thing about being smoke-free is not fussing about where my smokes are, tho i do require the losenges to be available!!!

What tips or advice would you give to anyone else trying to quit?

My advice for other smokers is